October 25

Please adjust as necessary

One of my leading goals in life is to own my home free and clear, so I need to pay my mortgage off as soon as possible.  I focus on this perhaps obsessively and to that end, I recently changed employers in large part for the earnings increase and substantial bonus potential.  This has resulted in a need to readjust my perspective on some personal things.


Not being a fan of T.S.A.’s “x-ray or sexual assault” security theatre, I haven’t flown on a commercial airline since 2010.  My new employer requires my presence in Cambridge UK, so I’ve had to apply for “pre-check” clearance in order to avoid having some government goon groping my girly bits without my consent.  I figured since I always like avoiding lines and long waits, I also applied for Global Entry so I can speed my way through re-entry.  I’ll try not to be too smug as I stroll past the suckers waiting in line while twirling my cane.  ;)

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