June 30

On the United Kingdom exit from the European Union.

Britain’s Prime Minister didn’t want it.
Leader of the opposition party didn’t want it.
Most of the Tory party didn’t want it.
Practically all of the labor party didn’t want it.
100% of the LibDems didn’t want it.
100% of the SNP didn’t want it.
100% of the Plain Cymru didn’t want it.
Clearly the Greens didn’t want it either.

Hollande didn’t want it.
Merkel didn’t want it.
Obama didn’t want it.
Trudeau didn’t want it.

The great peanut gallery of talking heads and political pundits like John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, and Jon Steward didn’t want it.

Goldman Sachs didn’t want it.
JP Morgan didn’t want it.
George Soros didn’t want it.
In fact, a shit load of other banks and global financiers didn’t want it.

The social justice warriors who label everyone a racist for expressing an opinion on unrestricted immigration didn’t want it.

The overwhelming majority of the elitist, out of touch assholes in the media didn’t want it.


But your lads having a pint down at the pub wanted it.
Your barber down the street wanted it.
Your local plumber fixing your pipes wanted it.
The man driving you on the bus wanted it.

The People wanted it lads…and this time, The People won.

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June 22


He was looking for easy targets. People who wouldn’t dream of fighting back.

This man was an example of how holding onto ancient superstitions can poison society in the modern age. He was raised to believe that being comfortable with his own sexuality was a disgrace and it tormented him to such a degree that he wanted to die.

Killing himself would have revealed that he was weak and he was afraid that everyone he loved, and whose approval he wanted most, would find out that he was gay. This would mean that not only was he weak, he would be a disgrace. He would rather be reviled as a villain by the entire world than accept his sexuality and face his family and the rest of society. So this was his way of going out in a blaze of glory.

Societies around the planet have always evolved at very different paces. I fear we have a long way to go before these types of issues are resolved.

On some level, I question whether people who hold to religious beliefs where an anthropomorphic deity watches over them every second of every day and judging their actions, should be permitted to participate freely in society without a tracking system and remote controlled shock collar.

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June 15


We’ve lost another friend.

Frank was such a gentle little soul.  He didn’t have a mean bone in his body.  Always wanting either in or out, he flatly refused to use a kitty door.  We joked so many times about being his doorman or concierge.

A poem has been said in my head a thousand times…

The Cat

(Ogden Nash)

You get a wife, you get a house,
Eventually you get a mouse.
You get some words regarding mice,
You get a kitty in a trice.

By two a.m. or thereabouts,
The mouse is in, the cat is out.
It dawns upon you, in your cot,
The mouse is silent, the cat is not.

Instead of kitty, says your spouse,
You should have got another mouse.

We miss you Frank.  Say ‘Hi’ to Bernie for us both!

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