July 14

Boat Car Guy

I mentioned this scene in an earlier post this year and have just gotten around to making this clip. I’m using this under Fair Use as an illustration of a point of discussion.

I believe that our experiences in this life are influenced greatly by how we choose to interpret them. Much like the cat in the box which is both alive and dead at the same time, we worry over the day to day struggles of our lives as if the act of worrying them will influence the reality inside the box. Truly our worrying won’t help our problems any more than it will help the cat, but the way we choose to respond to the reality once it is known will greatly influence the end result.

The “Boat Car Guy” speaks metaphorically about his perception of the world around him and the way he chooses to interact with it. I like his perspective and use it here as an example of spiritual openness and how our perception can influence our destiny.

Waking Life(2001)

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