June 22


He was looking for easy targets. People who wouldn’t dream of fighting back.

This man was an example of how holding onto ancient superstitions can poison society in the modern age. He was raised to believe that being comfortable with his own sexuality was a disgrace and it tormented him to such a degree that he wanted to die.

Killing himself would have revealed that he was weak and he was afraid that everyone he loved, and whose approval he wanted most, would find out that he was gay. This would mean that not only was he weak, he would be a disgrace. He would rather be reviled as a villain by the entire world than accept his sexuality and face his family and the rest of society. So this was his way of going out in a blaze of glory.

Societies around the planet have always evolved at very different paces. I fear we have a long way to go before these types of issues are resolved.

On some level, I question whether people who hold to religious beliefs where an anthropomorphic deity watches over them every second of every day and judging their actions, should be permitted to participate freely in society without a tracking system and remote controlled shock collar.

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April 23

Really, Mister Coffee?

I’ve had my old Mr. Coffee bean grinder for a couple years now and every day I used it at least twice, once in the morning, once in the afternoon.  The grinder doesn’t get moved around the counter a lot so I never noticed before now that whenever it gets moved, it leaves a little footprint of grounds behind.

Not long ago while cleaning the counter, I moved the grinder to another part of the counter top and realized that coffee grounds were actually coming out of two little holes in the bottom of the grinder.  I shook the little machine and more grounds came out.  After just a couple of shakes, I had a small pile of ground coffee about the size of a coffee scoop and there was no sign of it stopping.

I decided to investigate further and went to fetch a screwdriver.  This is what I found:

WTF Mr. Coffee?  WTF?
WTF Mr. Coffee? WTF?


     Apparently this little bastard has been stealing a little bit of my coffee every single time I used it.  It wouldn’t irk me so much if I drank cheap coffee regularly, but some of these grounds cost upward of $40/lb.  Such a waste.

     Hal and I tried to figure out what the problem with it was or if perhaps I may have been using it improperly, but a one-button coffee grinder is not exactly rocket science.  At first I thought I hadn’t been pushing the grind receptacle all the way into the dock, but that would have spewed coffee on the counter and not internally.  Clearly there is some sort of manufacturer defect going on here.


At any rate, this thing is obviously in the trash now and I promise I will never use such low-brow consumer goods again.  The new coffee grinder is a very well made Capresso which is much quieter and more accurate, even if it isn’t quite as simple as pressing a single button.

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